The Square Enix Partner Program

Square Enix is on the lookout for talented, experienced Content Creators, simply leave your details below to help us stay in touch.

Video makers and streamers of all shapes and sizes are eligible to apply. Our contact lists are brimming with amazing Influencers from around the world, but we're always eager to talk to Creators who post entertaining and engaging content on a regular basis.

Being on our contact lists has many benefits, including the potential to receive game codes on (or just before) launch, invites to pre-launch events, and much more.

A typical Square Enix Partner fits the following criteria (but we do make exceptions):

  • 10,000 views per video and/or 200 concurrent viewers on your streams in the last 30 days
  • An engaged, active community that you interact with regularly
  • Entertaining, active, branded, social media account/s
  • Passion, professionalism, and a constructive, positive attitude
  • Content that complies with Terms of Services and Community Guidelines for each platform (i.e. YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • The content you make does not contain racist, sexist, hateful or offensive material

Whilst we can’t promise that every applicant will be added, we do promise to check out every Creator that applies. If you aren’t lucky enough to be accepted into our program straight away, don’t give up. There is a chance we’ll contact you in the future - so hang on tight and keep doing what you love!

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